J Bennett Fitts


Gala Collette


Geoffroy de Boismenu


Ariel Orozco

"Doble Desgaste"
An eraser was used as a model for a drawing and at the same time to erase it, generating an effect in the eraser’s shape, such eraser was then used as a model for the next drawing, the process was repeated until the disappearance of the image and the model.

"Espacio sin Espacio"
By this action Ariel Orozco tries to establish a connection between the finite and the infinite.

"Perro Balón"
A starving stray street dog, which was ignored and abused by people was intervened in the form of a soccer ball, after which it became the centre of attention, creating an immediate bond and interest by the people around it. This work elaborates on the lack of attention to the individual and how can absurd actions may lead to celebrity and attention.



The Deposition from the Cross, 1525-1528